VSL Childcare news

Childcare grants for Students

If you're a parent of one or two children, and you are about to start a full-time higher education course, you may be eligible for a childcare grant.

18 Mar 2014

Employers and the new Tax Free Childcare Scheme

The current childcare voucher scheme has proved successful for many parents, supplying them with a much-needed tax break for their childcare costs, if

18 Mar 2014

Government Childcare proposals will hit lowest earners

The UK government has proposed a brand new childcare proposal which will leave people on the lowest income really struggling to go out to work. The me

05 Mar 2014

Free early education for 2 year olds

Free early education for young children is something that would really help parents get back to work. Helping the economy and helping your children at

05 Mar 2014

Rising childcare costs putting pressure on grandparents?

The number of grandparents looking after grandchildren has risen in recent years, but why is this? Many people argue it is down to the rising cost of

02 Dec 2013

Why childcare vouchers make good business sense

Childcare vouchers have made going back to work more affordable for parents. Under the childcare vouchers scheme, working parents can exchange a prop

26 Nov 2013

Plan to allow nurseries to take on more children scrapped

The childcare plan to allow nurseries and childminders to take in more children were scrapped this year (2013). The Government believed their initiati

20 Nov 2013

Child-care costs force Mothers to stay unemployed

If you are lucky enough to have a family member or close friend who is reliable and willing to offer cheap or even free childcare while you work then

14 Nov 2013

Tax Free childcare for better or for worse?

The Government has recently launched a three-month consultation period on their proposals for a new tax free childcare system. Parents, employers and

25 Sep 2013

The Differences of Tax-Free Childcare and the Childcare Vouchers Scheme

You may have heard of the current childcare voucher scheme, brought into effect by the government in 1989, and offers parents up to 55 per week towar

25 Sep 2013