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Breaking News March 14th 2018 Childcare scheme gets six-month reprieve

14 Mar 2018

Education Secretary Damian Hinds made the concession during a Commons debate yesterday March 13th.

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Your Child is on Summer Holidays, but when do you get to switch off?


It's been a great summer. Despite our wobbly economy we've had the Team GB feel-good factor and we've even seen a little sunshine. It's been good to have the kids at home but, for most of us, we're also looking forward to them going back to school so that we can get on with all the things we've had to put on hold while their needs take centre-stage.

Could this be the time then to think about going back to work? Time to use your full range of skills and experience again and earn a little extra money. But if it is the right time to go back to work, how will you afford the costs of childcare?

The Jobs are Out There

There's no getting away from it, Britain is experiencing its worst recession in twenty years and unemployment is at record levels. However, there are still jobs to be had; the government estimates there are some 400,000 vacancies at any one time.

These are tough times for young people and those without experience. But, for parents who have already had several years work experience before starting a family and who possess all sorts of work and life skills, the prospects are much brighter.

Mums and dads who go back to work after taking time out to raise their children report a rise in their self-esteem, confidence all round satisfaction with life. It puts some extra money in the family coffers too. Your children also benefit; the standards of nursery and child minder provision in the UK have risen dramatically in recent years and the vast majority will provide your child with a happy and enriching experience, and peace of mind for you.

Childcare Costs

But, when you're a working parent, it costs money to go back to work. Childcare costs have risen by up to five per cent in the last 12 months and nursery places can cost up to £5,000 a year, a big chunk out of anyone's wages. How can you possibly make it worth your while to go back to work again?

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are designed to help working parents overcome the barrier of rising childcare costs. The vouchers are part of a HMRC-approved tax arrangement called ‘salary sacrifice'. Basically, you buy the vouchers by monthly deductions through your employer's payroll and then use them to pay your child minder, nursery or after-school club.

But, this is the really good news, your deductions are tax and national insurance free. This means you save money, up to £1,000 a year. That's £1,000 a year off the cost of your childcare.

So you can do it! Our team of friendly advisers are there to help. Why not find out more and start living your life to the full again?

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Author: Eoin Oliver

Eoin Oliver is a web designer and blogger with six years of experience writing content and designing graphics for clients large and small. For the past three years Eoin has been focused on researching and writing about the childcare voucher scheme. When not hard at work, Eoin can be found in the company of his 4-legged companion Layla.

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