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Our childcare voucher solution for employers

Under current Government strategy rules, Childcare Voucher Solutions are able to assist Employers to take advantage of the childcare tax/National Insurance Contributions (NIC) exemptions that make offering support to working parents, a popular and cost effective option.

This means:

For example, a Parent given £55 per week (£243 per month) in Childcare Vouchers after taking a salary sacrifice of the same amount, will then benefit by saving *£920 tax/NIC , as our Childcare Vouchers are exempt from tax and NICs. *basic rate

Employers payroll NIC savings will be around £402 for each employee in the scheme.

Our practical support in the form of advice and guidance every step of the way also includes the administrative task of Voucher distribution - either by post to your employee at home, or by on-line methods of delivery. You may, of course, wish to distribute a voucher with your employee salary advice - the choice is yours.