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What are Childcare Vouchers

The Childcare Vouchers scheme is a government initiative which helps working parents by providing them with tax exemptions. Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for various forms of Childcare. The government does not tax the individual, nor will they charge employers or employees National Insurance on any contribution made towards the voucher scheme.

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Childcare Vouchers for Employers

Childcare Vouchers do not just benefit working parents, they can also create great savings for businesses. As Childcare Vouchers are paid for by sacrificing salary, the company effectively pays out less in terms of wages, and therefore, pays less National Insurance. These savings always outweigh the cost of running the scheme!

Childcare Vouchers are a cost effective option, which, can reduce your payroll outgoings and make your company more efficient, and more profitable. By adding this scheme to your arsenal of employee benefits, you will help to ensure staff happiness. A happier workforce, works better, and your company will enjoy the efficiencies associated with this. Furthermore, by using Childcare Voucher Solutions as your provider you ensure minimal administration for your company... Read more

Childcare Vouchers for Parents

Parents can benefit from Childcare Vouchers as they will not be taxed on any contributions they make towards the scheme. This means that any childcare that you use is tax free (so long as you use Childcare Vouchers to pay). Despite being poorly publicised by the government the Childcare Vouchers scheme has grown in popularity over the years, as parents battle to offset the spiralling cost of childcare.

Children are not cheap, and parents should maximise every benefit available to them during the current climate. Furthermore, due to the recession and governmental changes, it is likely that benefits will not be increased in the near future, meaning that this opportunity should not be missed! Further savings can be made if both parents join the scheme... Read more

Childcare Vouchers for Carers

As a Childcare provider you will find that accepting our Childcare Vouchers is simple. You can redeem vouchers online using our fully automated system, and we are always available by phone or post too!

As so many people and companies are accepting Childcare Vouchers now, it is vital that you accept them as part of your service too, ensuring that you are equal to your competition, and are not losing and clients. Childcare Vouchers are paid for by the parent through salary sacrifice, ensuring that you have a reliable source of income, as the Vouchers are paid for before being received by the parent... Read more

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22 Mar 2017

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